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More Human than Human

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

I know, I know... I've been stuck on #Westworld for the past couple weeks

Guests & Hosts; Do you know which you are?

and haven't been giving you guys any #Spoilers to #Avengers #InfinityWars. I'm just trying to give everyone enough time to catch up on everything, so we can have some good discussions.

For those of you that are still #clueless to the phenomenon that is Westworld, here is Jimmi Simpson to give you a full rundown of the 1st season. #SPLAT, He reveals all the spoilers, but we still feel that we captured the best one with this tee.

The show has taken more of a dark turn since the #RobotRevolution. I have found that both the humans and robots have begun engaging in more macabre behaviour as the season has progressed. Whether it stems from the #Hosts being cogniscent of their "lives" and finally being able to retaliate against their opressors, or the #Guests being unsure of their future and reverting to "dog eat dog" behaviour to ensure their survival, all the characters (strangely, with the exception of Teddy) seem to be taking the bloodiest and most violent path possible. We can see this change most greatly embodied by William and his journey, both in the Park and in the Real World, as he transitions to becoming The Man in Black. Lisa Joy, the showrunner for the series answers some of these questions and adresses other topics in her Entertainment Weekly Interview.

Everyone has their own theories about Season 2 by now. Just look at Dani Di Placido's take on one of the shows main characters, William. Do you agree with this, or like the #SteroidsClause in baseball, if he is a robot, then we hav to believe that most/all of the characters are robots?

Personally, I'm choosing just to sit back and go along for the ride. In the writers explaining the way that Bernard's memories are working now, it doesn't help the viewer understand what is happening more fully, but instead helps you stop getting so worked up about trying to figure it out. If nothing else, they did a great job of keeping people who were ready to jump ship interested.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts. See you next week. #YouveBeenSpoiled