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How Far Would You Go?

So... If you're not exactly sure what we do here, I'm going to let you in on a not so little secret. #SpoilerAlert!!! Our site is full of #spoilers. But even more than giving you something fun to enjoy and share with your friends, this blog is also a place where we can get things off our respective chests. So when there are things that don't make sense in the newest episode of your favorite TV shows or movies, and your friends are waaaaaaaaayyyy too tired of hearing about it, you can come and vent here. Or if you just want to discuss concepts in these shows, you're also welcome to do that.

For example, today we're going to talk about #Westworld. I want to know, if you were given the opportunity to live your life in a place without consequences, how far would you go? Would you strive to help your fellow man, or look out for numero uno? Would you worry about people's feelings or do whatever you pleased? Would any of your morals matter in a place where you can't die? If you have no idea what Westworld is, or what I'm talking about, check out this article for a pretty thorough explanation, oh, and spoilers. Let me know what you think.